Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hello Pple!!

Hi pple!! I'm really new to this blog thing... Hope it's nice... Juz discussed my mobile game programming (MGEP) project with my group members Lip Hong and Mark... Haiz... So many things to do... Hope I can make it... Toking about Mark, We had a project presentation last Wednesday, and that was the first time I stood beside him... I can tell u, he is TALL... Haha... I really feel like I was a stumpy button mushroom while standing beside him... Picture that... ;oP

Later today, I talked to Him... I'm not stating his name... For fear that he might get angry... He really knows how to spoil my day... He actually commented that I'm ugly, short and fat... Hope he doesn't mean it... Well... I admit I'm not pretty, and I'm not tall, and I am plump... But shouldn't be as bad as he says mah... I know lah... He's good in sports and he's has a good body (that is what I think)... Actually, he EXCELS in EVERYTHING he does... Haha... But don't literally put me on the floor and step on me mah... But I'm still glad... At least he takes notice of me... Heehee... ;o)


  • arrrggg, din know must be a blooger then can post comment...was really mad after reading ur entry. i find ur "him" so rude and selfish, doesnt care abt others feeling after passing such ugly remarks on you. u are beautiful in ur own way and pls wake up gal. why get stuck in this typical guy who only look at bimbos? One cannot make soup out of beauty. so get on with ur life and dream of orlando instead... hahah crappy me :)

    By Blogger leotoneo, At Thu Oct 14, 12:47:00 AM GMT+8  

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