Saturday, December 25, 2004

Him... Christmas... Work... Thoughts

ARGH... I have not seen Him in more than 2 weeks... I miss Him so terribly... When can I get to see Him again?? I've just asked him to watch Phantom of the Opera with me next weekend... I really hope he can make it... So that I can see him again... I am still anticipating his answer... Heehee... ;o)

Today is Christmas and although I am not a christian, I want to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas!~!

I have been working at PSA for 2 weeks already as attachment... I have no Internet access!~! Haiz... I'm so ill-fated... Besides Aye and Bryan, attached together with me at HabourFront PSA are Joe, Xue ling, Jonathan, Robin and Ashadi... They are fun to be with and we have all have lunch together despite being in the different department... Heehee... I am now involved in system testing in attachment and I can really say system testing is really a tedious work to do... And I am so stressed... My working hours are quite long too... I work from 8.30am to 6.30pm on Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 5.30pm on Friday... :o(

I just read kaixin's new blog on comopolitian stuff and she was talking about marriage and cosmetic surgery recently... This led me to think about wat she wrote... For marriage I think money might be important, but having someone to spend days with when I'm old is also as important... My mom once said in chinese, when you're young, you're might just a couple, but when in old age, you are companion for each other... Some pepple here might urgue that you can get companionship in friends and pets, but in truth, when i'm are old and bed-ridden, a pet can take care of me... My partner is the one that is most likely to do it... And a friend cannot keep u 24 hours a day and 356.25 days a year, but ur partner when retired, will keep u company most of the time... It's true it takes a lot of hard work and commitment, but can a person be truely be considered a human being if this person never did work hard for anything or be committed to anything in life?? I don't think so... People might succeed or fail in the process of trying to maintain a marriage till old age and death, but i guess for the rewards of it, it is definitely worth it...

For cosmetic surgery, i think if a person really needs it, it should be done... But if it is for pursuit of for example, looking like snow white or prince charming, i think it is totally pointless... Beauty is only skin deep and no one is going to be beautiful or handsome forever... Some people urgue it is for self-esteem... Then please tell me wat are these people going to do when they are all old and wrinkled... Surgery cannot totally stop that... And if a person dun really care about wat people think, nothing can really affect this person's self-esteem... Some women and men do it for the sake of the person they like... But if the one they like only liked then after surgery, i think he or she only likes the end result of the surgery and nothing more... And it is more or less a fake kind of liking...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

ITP... Him...

Wow... Tomorrow is the start of ITP for me... This is all happening so fast... I'm starting to feel really stressed now... Haha... Silly me right?? Feeling stressed even before I start working... But it's the truth... I am really feeling so nervous and stressed... Haiz... Hope everything will go smoothly for me for my attachment... ;o)

As I mentioned earlier, I am attached to PSA... And in my class, there are 2 people also attached to PSA... And they are Aye and Bryan(I hope his name is spelt this way)... Hope they will be in the same office as I am... It makes me feel less stressful... Haha... ;o)

I discovered something about Him while I have been chatting to Him on MSN... He likes to use the words "hmm", "see how lor" and "dun noe" when answering some of my questions... Haha... If u think of some questions and try these words as answers, they actually lead to the questions not being answered at all... Haha... But I am more or less used to him answering that way... Although sometimes I do feel a bit disappointed... But no matter what, I will persist in liking him till I get to something... Coz my feelings for him are getting stronger with each passing day... And I hope one day, I'll get to that point where he gives me a reply... ;o)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sorry... KTV... Movies... Shopping... ITP... Him... Thoughts...

Sorry for not updating for so long again... Partly because I was really busy, and partly also because my bro won't let me use the computer... He keeps on using it to play WarCraft 2... But I finally got him to let me use the computer... This is because I am going to start my ITP(attachment) soon...

I was busy because I went for 2 KTV sessions with my 2 groups of friends... The first session was on last Wednesday with my group of secondary school pals... We had been friends since Secondary 1, and this means wehave been friends for nearly 8 years... Wow... That is long... And I hope we will be friends until the day we pass away... Heehee... Well not all of them turned up for the KTV session... Only Peiyi, Jiayun, Kaixin and I turned up... June was absent because she still got exams going on in University... Yuying needed to settle stuff on the holiday work... But overall it was still fun and we sang 5 hours of KTV... Heehee... ;o)

The second KTV session was with my group of Poly year 1 classmates... Only Jasmine, Wen Jing, Pei Lee, Lijun and I turned up... Ruiling was sick... It was fun but expensive... Haha... After singing 6 hrs of KTV we went for dinner before going home... ;o)

I was also busy watching movie... I went to watch the preview of National Treasure last Thursday together with my Mom and the movie is really nice... It was both exciting and funny... Nicholas Cage looks good... Hahaha... ;oP

I did some shopping over the week and it is one of the reasons why I had been busy... I bought a DVD-writer... It cost $139... I'm regretting a bit on buying it... Haha... But at least now I have more space on my computer... Coz I can burn all the data that I don't need so much on DVD-R... I also bought a pair of Giordano jeans at $29... Quite cheap actually... ;o)

I also went shopping with June yesterday... But only June bought a pair of earrings... Hahaha... Even though so, we did eat quite a lot of snacks.... And it certainly was good to see June again after we both have been busy for so long... ;o)

I got to know my ITP posting this Monday... I was posted to PSA(Port of Singapore Authority) Corporation Ltd... Hope it will be fun... Alfred is posted to LiteSpeed Education Pte Ltd... Kalai is posted to Elixir Technology Pte Ltd... Wen Jing is posted to Qala Singapore Ptd Ltd... Pei Lee is posted to Tanker Pacific Management(s) Pte Ltd... And last but definitely not the least, there is Him... He is posted to a Pte Ltd that is actually a really well-known company internationally... ;o)

Haiz... The starting of ITP means I will not be able to see Him at all for at least 4 months... Haiz... I really hope that he will be willing to meet me for dinner for maybe... once in a month?? If not I will really miss him very much... Maybe even so much that I can't concentrate on anything... Heehee... I was chatting with him on MSN last nite and I discovered something that made me quite happy... I hope wat I think is true... Heehee... ;o)

I was talking to Alfred a few days ago and he told me that guys will mostly like girls that are not so strong... He says guys will mostly like girls that will need guys' help more often as this makes them able to feel that they are able to protect and help the gals they like... I am not sure if this really applies to most guys, but I think a girl should really try every problem out before asking for help... I mean if wat Alfred said are true, a guy might be happy to help the girl out for a few times... But in the long term, won't the guy get sick of helping her all the time?? That is only what I think... And I really feel that if a girl ask a guy for help only when she really needs it, won't it seems more reasonable and more meaningful?? This is only my thoughts... Feel free to leave your own comments or correct me if I am wrong... ;o)