Monday, February 28, 2005

Correction... Pal... Problems...

Ok... Correction to the part of my last entry on best friends... I had forgotten about 1 person that had been very helpful to me too... And that is Jasmine... Sorry Jas... I hope you are not angry at me for forgetting to list you out... I'm always this forgetful... Sorry... You are also one of my best friend... ;oP

So here's the part where I introduce Jasmine... Haha...Jasmine was my classmate for 2 years in Poly... For our third year, we were separated... While I was doing FYP, she's doing ITP, and vice versa... But for the 2 years we've been classmate, I've enjoyed her company... She a great person to be with and we share the same interest... She's also a friend that can keep a secret... She's really a fast eater and whenever I eat lunch or dinner with her, I feel stressed... So is really super fast... What is even more amazing is, she can eat so fast and still chat with me at the same time... Wow!~! Thanks Jas for being my best friend and keeping me company for the whole of my 2nd year in Poly... I really hope we can be best friends forever... Heehee... ;o)

The problem I have been talking about is still not solved yet... But I hope it will be soon... I'm not going to just sit around waiting for the solution to be here... I'll fill everyone in about the details of this problem and what is the cause of it and what conclusion I will come up with within the next 2 weeks...

Friday, February 25, 2005

Visitors... BPGHS... Japanese... Pals... Hero... Stuff...

Wow... I found out that I got one visitor from Venezuela yesterday... Woo... It feels so good to know that there are people from different countries visiting my blog... Heehee... Thanks people!~! (Am I over excited??) ;o)

I see that Dream Dancer was from BPGHS... For those of you who don't know what it means, it is actually the initials of our secondary school. Bukit Panjang Government High School... We both know Peiyi... Haha... Peiyi was my classmate in BPGHS for 4 years and one of my best friends... (I only have 5 or 6 best friends from my 20 years on Earth... Pathetic right?? Haha...) Kaixin, aka Mandy, was also from BPGHS and the 3 of us were classmates for 4 years (Kaixin's also one of my best friends)... ;o)

Dream Dancer, your Japanese is quite good... I just completed my Japanese Language Course in Singapore Poly (I more thing Dream Dancer and me have in common is Japanese)... Recently my JLPT 4 result is back and I failed... Haiz... Full marks is 400, passing mark is 240, and I scored 225... Fall short of the passing mark by 15 points... Haiz... Sad... :o(

Just now I was talking about best friends... My best friends are Peiyi, Jiayun, Kaixin, June, Yuying and Lip Hong... Peiyi, Jiayun, Kaixin, June, Yuying are my friends since 1997 (wow... we are friends for around 8 years...) and we are all from BPGHS... We were in the same class for Sec 1 and 2 (class 104/204) for Sec 3 and 4, we were in different class... Peiyi, Kaixin and I were in class 304/404, June was in class 302/402, Jiayun was in class 303/403, and Yuying was in class 306/406... Then the 5 of them all successfully completed Junior College (I was the only JC drop-out and Poly student among us) education and are now in different Universities... Peiyi, Kaixin, June and Yuying are all in NUS (National University of Singapore) now, while Jiayun is in SIM (Singapore Institute of Management?)... Now a lot of you might be wondering who Lip Hong is... He's a classmate of mine in my 3rd year of Poly and have helped me a lot in many ways... He did the whole of our WEBS (Web Services module) project coz I was too busy with my Final Year Project, and also because I don't like WEBS... Heehee... Thanks Lip Hong, for all the help you gave me... ;o)

A few days ago, I was talking to Long Chiu on the phone for the first time... Haha... This is weird coz we've known each other for 4 years... I was talking to him on a problem I am encountering and he is giving me advice... Why did I call him instead of calling my best friends?? (Peiyi, Jiayun, Kaixin, June, Yuying please don't be angry... I'll fill you in with the details of the problem soon...) That's because he's my hero... Haha... Sounds funny right?? But he really is my hero... I told him that after finishing discussing my problem with him... I also told him about my previous crush on him and that he will always remain a hero in my heart... He's actually quite amused that carrying a gal's bag around can render him a hero in another gal's heart... Haha... Actually he already felt that I had a crush on him last time in JC and it was further confirmed by his friend who read my testimonial for him in Friendster... The thing he don't know is that I actually remembered so much thing about him... Haha... It is so strange... He rarely contact me but he is there for me everytime I needed his help... The first time, was my breakup with my ex, the second time was SPINNOVEX and the third time is this current problem... I asked him why he rarely keep in touch with me and this was his reply: "I am not the kind of person that will always be around to have fun with you, coz I like to be alone... I'm a loner... But if you ever do need my help, I will always be there to help you, no matter what... That is how I treat my friends..." I am touched by him again (aren't you??)... How come he can always say words that are so touching?? ;o)

In my last post, I said there are some stuff that I am currently settling... The stuff is actually the problem I just mentioned... It is still not settled yet but I hope it will be settled soon... As soon as it's settled, I fill you people in on the problem...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sorry... Peiyi... Thanks... Links...

Hi people... Sorry for not updating my blog for so long... I was busy on stuff for Chinese New Year and I am currently also settling some stuff too... Will update my blog with more things as soon as my stuff are settled... ;o)

I think Peiyi sprained her ankle last week... She said it was all better already but she still cannot walk fast or pedal the piano... Poor girl... Get well soon!~!

Thanks for all the comments for my last post... They showed me that you have all read my post thoroughly... I'm so happy to know that... Heehee... Thanks for the post Wei liang... I know I missed you out... But the people I stated more or less were there because of me... Of course I must thank them... Thanks to you for being present at SPINNOVEX... Happy liao?? Haha... I am so touched by a visitor of my blog coz she actually left a comment!~! This is so rare for my blog... Thanks Dream Dancer!~!

I decided to add a link from my blog to Dream Dancer's blog... You can find it under the Link to Friends section... Please do visit... ;o)

Monday, February 07, 2005

SPINNOVEX... Accidents... Long Chiu... Him...

Hi people... Long time never update my blog... This is because I am super busy with my SPINNOVEX stuff and Chinese New Year stuff... So now I better update before the Chinese New Year arrives... ;o)

Haiz... A lot of things cropped up for our project before SPINNOVEX and we were so busy solving it since the Saturday before SPINNOVEX... First there was computer speed problem... Then problem with not able to get a fast speed computer at the last minute... Then there were network problems... Then the camera server stopped functioning... Then finally there was synchronizing problem of the application and the school's server... This leads to a lot of changes in my programming codes and the problem was only discovered 1 hour before the official opening of SPINNOVEX... I was so stressed in thinking up the new codes needed in such a short time that I nearly had a nervous breakdown... The application was only functioning a few hours after the official opening... Phew... For the 3 days of SPINNOVEX, it was quite fun... Even though the application still give me some tiny problems here and there, they were solved readily... ;o)

Although I was quite stressed during SPINNOVEX (I was constantly worrying that the application will die out on me...), I was quite happy coz quite a few of my friends, and also my little brother and his friends, came to see my project... Long Chiu was there on Thursday and I was so touched... I so rarely see him around and he was more or less to busy to entertain me... Haha... (For people who don't know and is curious to know who is Long Chiu, I will touch on that later...) Jasmine was also there on Thursday and I took a photo with her... She recently got her ears pierced and I finally got to take a look at her ears... Heehee... ;o)

Peiyi was there on Friday to give me support and also to take a good look at Him... Hahaha... She asked a lot of funny questions to the other exhibitors and they really had no idea how to answer her question... She also played around with my project as well as His project... Luckily she didn't crash my project... But unfortunately His project did not survive her rampage... Peiyi crashed both the palm tops of His group and also the emulator version of his application before leaving for home... Hope He won't be angry... We both did not know that would happen... Sorry... ;oP

Jasmine and Pay wen drop by for a short while on Friday to say Hi and give support before leaving school... Although the time was short but I really appreciated it... Thanks... ;o)

Saturday was the last day of SPINNOVEX but also the busiest day for me... First, Sijin visited me and I took her around SPINNOVEX to see some of the projects... Then my little brother brought a few of his friend to see my project and give me support even though they are clearly not interested in my project at all... Haiz... But still I'm glad he came... Then lastly Jiayun arrived and we had lunch and walked around school together while we chat... ;o)

Finally it was time for the closing ceremony of SPINNOVEX... Siyun was on screen with his boyfriend Chee Yong... Heehee... They secretly filmed her adjusting his tie for him and showed it during the ceremony as part of a video clip... Now everyone knows they are together... Even the VIP... Hahaha... The buffet dinner after the closing ceremony was not so nice... But I was too hungry to choose... So I just eat... Hahaha... ;oP

Chee Yong found out that whenever I meet him, something bad will happen to me... And this is quite true... When Chee Yong and Siyun and Chee Yong's friend and I were going home after SPINNOVEX on Friday, I was shut out of the train at Jurong East interchange while he got in the train already... Then on Saturday when I asked him to pass Siyun something, my hand phone dropped on the floor and my hand phone accessory cracked... So sad... That is why he came up with this conclusion... :o(

For people who want to know about Long Chiu, here's the story... Skip it if you are not interested... We first know each other in Jurong Institute for JC first 3 months... He was wooing my classmate Guo Xiu and I was always teasing her... So he did not have a good impression of me then... Later when I when to Pioneer Junior College, I met him again... This time, Guo Xiu was already his girlfriend, he became my classmate and my ex-boyfriend was Guo Xiu's classmate... We slowly became friends and so did my ex and Guo Xiu... I found out more coincidences between me and Long Chiu... He is staying in the same area as I am and his birthday is on 6th of April (6/4/1984) while my birthday is 4th of June (4/6/1984)... Then my Secondary School classmate and friend Yuying was his Primary School classmate and competitor in Chinese grades... So many coincidences right?? ;oP

I was really impressed by the way he treated Guo Xiu... He was literally showering her with love... He went to her house to send her to school in the morning and sent her from school to her house after school... Everyday, he would fold a heart shape and give it to her... He helped her carry her bag... Worry that she is too thin and ask her to eat more... Starve himself so that he has money to go out with her... Makes it a point to ask her out every weekend... Get to know all her friends... Lunch with her and her friends at school and sit with them during mass lectures (This makes him unable to socialize the guys in our class and the guys in our class hated him, add on the fact that a lot of girls in class think he is good-looking)... Basically, back then, his world revolved around Guo Xiu... ;o)

Then around the middle of that year, Guo Xiu and him broke up... I never did got to know the reason of their break up, but I do know it was Guo Xiu who initiated it... I can tell he was devastated then... He eyes would well up with tears when he talked about her... He would get really emotional and violent suddenly and kick tables and chairs... He would miss lessons... Then one day, he came to school with his arms around his tummy area and he was in so much pain that he couldn't eat... It was later then I found out from him that he got a cracked rib from fighting with someone because he was feeling sad and that person irritated him... I tried to console him but in all, he is heart-brokened... :o(

Around August the same year, I broke up with my ex... And then it was my turn to be heart-brokened... Ha... Another coincidence... I more or less acted like him... Except I didn't crack a rib or got into any fight... And he was there to console me... He kept me company when I was alone and he made me accepted the fact that my ex was no longer in my life... And he also said something to me that really touched me deeply... He said, "If you ever want me to beat up Chen Guo, just tell me and I will go beat him up for you, even if he is my friend..." (Touching right?? Leave a comment on what you think...)

In the end my results for that year was really poor and I was to be retained for a year... I chose to leave PJC and go Poly... And this is his decision too, even though I had no idea wat is his results... He was just bent on leaving... After that we rarely met each other... Occasionally, I do see him on the train station platform while going to school or when coming home from school... ;o)

Currently, Long Chiu is studying at Ngee Ann Polytechnic... He is in his final year in Business Studies doing Tourism option... He got big round eyes, is 1.8m tall and I think weighs 60 something kilos... He just broke up with his current girlfriend and is 'moaning' over it... He was nicknamed Hanaxawa Rui/Hua Ze Lei of F4 in Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden back then by a girl in class... He wears contact lenses and used to have a distinctive smell due to the colonge he wears (I used to sit beside him in lectures)... By now you might have noticed that I memorised a bit too much about him... And you guessed it right... I had a crush on him back then, for a little more than a year... Everytime I saw him, my heart will beat really fast... But that was a long time ago... Now my heart rate remains the same when I do see him... Haha... Sometimes I think maybe my ex and I broke up due to the crush I had on him... Or is it after my breakup then I started to develop a crush on him?? I can't really tell... What do you think?? (Leave a comment...) ;o)

As usual, now it is time to talk about Him again... As most of you all know, He was also involved in SPINNOVEX as one of the exhibitors... Actually, he was very near to where I was at SPINNOVEX... I can't tell where His exact location is cause that would give away his identity... I get to see Him for the whole 3 days... Heehee... But actually, he was so near yet so far... I do get to see Him, but I didn't get to talk much to Him... In fact, He talked more to the other members in my group than to me... So sad... Haiz... I actually got ask Him why is it that he acts like he don't want to talk to me and, I'm not sure if I was imagining things, I thought I hear Him shout, "because I have nothing to talk to you!"... That really frightened me... I tried to give Him the Valentine's Day present I got for Him but he just told me to give him later... Ok... Can someone define the meaning of 'later'?? I hope I can give it to Him soon... Luckily, he sort of cheered up on Saturday and was not so cold to me... Phew... ;o)

I find that I am constantly looking at Him and worrying about his moods... And whenever I see Him or talk to Him, my heart will beat so fast that it feels like it is going to jump out of my throat... And if is he cold to me, or if he is sad, I will also be feeling down the whole day... And if he do talk to me, even if it is for a short while, I can be happy for the whole day... Haiz... I declare He is now controlling all my emotions... Haha... My world revolves around Him... I recently got to know from Him that he has applied for 5 universities... This make me have the urge of applying too... Coz I want to be in the same university as Him, do the same course as Him, so that I can get to see Him during mass lectures... Heehee... But I guess that is going to be very difficult... Coz my results falls miles behind His... Haiz... Valentine's Day is coming soon... I hope I can get to go out with Him soon and also pass him the present soon... The present is customized for Him and I hope he will like it... ;o)

Wow... I wrote such a long entry... Heehee... Hope you all won't get bored reading what I wrote... Chinese New Year is coming in 2 days... And I sure have a lot of stuff to tidy... So I'll say an advance Happy Chinese New Year to all here... Please leave comments... Thanks... Will try to update regularly... See ya... ;o)