Sunday, December 12, 2004

ITP... Him...

Wow... Tomorrow is the start of ITP for me... This is all happening so fast... I'm starting to feel really stressed now... Haha... Silly me right?? Feeling stressed even before I start working... But it's the truth... I am really feeling so nervous and stressed... Haiz... Hope everything will go smoothly for me for my attachment... ;o)

As I mentioned earlier, I am attached to PSA... And in my class, there are 2 people also attached to PSA... And they are Aye and Bryan(I hope his name is spelt this way)... Hope they will be in the same office as I am... It makes me feel less stressful... Haha... ;o)

I discovered something about Him while I have been chatting to Him on MSN... He likes to use the words "hmm", "see how lor" and "dun noe" when answering some of my questions... Haha... If u think of some questions and try these words as answers, they actually lead to the questions not being answered at all... Haha... But I am more or less used to him answering that way... Although sometimes I do feel a bit disappointed... But no matter what, I will persist in liking him till I get to something... Coz my feelings for him are getting stronger with each passing day... And I hope one day, I'll get to that point where he gives me a reply... ;o)


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