Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yesterday was quite a busy day... Went to OCBC bank at Choa Chu Kang with my mom early in the morning... Then went to collect my pay at Tanjong Pager and deposit it into my bank account... After that, I went back to Choa Chu Kang to meet up with Kaixin for sushi buffet at Suki Sushi... Haven't seen her since June's birthday party... (Sorry to say this Kaixin) When the lift door opens and you came out, I was quite shocked leh... Coz it has been quite some time since I saw her with her specs on and without makeup... ;oP

We had an enjoyable meal and a nice long chat... She ended up eating more than me... Partly because my appetite had gone into hiding that day, and partly also because I was meeting the guy of my interest later... Overall it was good to know that she's enjoying her life and that she has found a guy she is interested in, and at time same time, seemed to be quite interested and gentle to her... It has been a super long time since she's been involved in a relationship... (The last time was around Sec 2 or 3 I think...) Jia you Kaixin... Hope you'll get the guy... (Kaixin... Sorry for acting like I'm half-dead... Coz I was really tired...) ;oP

After saying goodbye to Kaixin, I went home and had an hr of rest... After recharging myself, I'm out of the house again on my way to Orchard... First I sent my brother's mobile phone to Sony Ericsson's service center at Wisma Atria, but in the end I decided not to have the phone serviced coz I would rather spend the money on a new phone for my bro... After this, I made my way down to Plaza Singapura to meet up with that guy... ;o)

We met up at around 7pm and were going to watch The Wedding Crashers at 9.45pm... In between we had dinner, walked around, chat, and went to the arcade for a short while... It was great chatting with him cause as always he's got something to share... I found I'm really out of touch with arcade games... I tried to play one game that I had played before, and I found that the keyboard layout have changed... Haiz... He on the other hand was quite impressive leh... Haha... ;o)

The movie was really hilarious and I was laughing most of the time... I would definitely recommend it... It only ended at around 11.45pm and by that time, there was no more train to both our stops so we had no choice but to share a cab home... He reached home first before me and by the time I reached home, it was around 12.45am.. Haha... Although I was tired, I really enjoyed myself a lot... It's good going out with him... Hope there are more chances in the future... ;oP

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Work... Colleagues... Interest...

Work is so stressful nowadays... Haiz... Under lots of stress... How I wish I can be back to the days in school where there is less stress and more control of my time... And also no one to boss me around... Haha... But I guess no one can turn back time... And the bad news is Daniel won't be around from next Wed to Thurs... ARGH!~! That means I would be in hell for that 3 days!~! NOOooo!~! Now I really dread going to work... :o(

Peixuan and Vanessa is leaving at the end of this month... So sad... I'll have 2 companion less in the company... Will definitely miss them... I really had lots of fun with them... Joking with Vanessa and 'suaning' Peixuan... ;oP

I find I'm becoming more and more interested in the guy at work... He's one really unique person... I enjoys his company and chatting with him... I especially enjoys listening to him coz he really has a lot of unique things and ideas to share... Really hope that I can get to enjoy more of his company in the future... ;o)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hi... Just some quick updates on links... I finally updated Kalai's blog's link to her new blog... Took me so long... Haha... I also added links to Wenxiong's blog and Long Chiu's blog... Can go and take a look if you want... ;o)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hi... Gratitude... Interesting...

Hi... It's been a long time since I updated my blog... So sorry for that, but I really am busy with work... But I am here now to update... ;oP

I feel great gratitude for my mentor at work... And that is Daniel... He's a funny guy with a big heart and hates veggies... Heehee... He taught me ALOT of things that I never learnt at school and he's been looking out for me at work... I really owe him alot... He's like a big brother to me... Although he doesn't visit blogs, I still want to thank him for everything he has taught me... THANKS DANIEL!~! ;o)

Now comes the part that most of my gal-pals are interested in... Heehee... I met a guy at work that caught my attention... He's an interesting guy with interests that really differ from other guys... Haha... Why am I always interested in guys that are different?? Maybe because I'm strange too... Another reason why he caught my attention is that I think he looks good... Some people don't think he does, but I think so... And I think only my opionion matters rite?? Haha... As most of you know, besides finding a permanant job, my birthday resolution is to get a guy... Not that I'm guy crazy, but I think it is time to get a guy... Considering the fact that I'm already 21, and I haven't been in love for a long time... (My definition of love is a 2-way feeling... Not 1-way...) But I'm still only at the point of finding this guy interesting... Will update if there is something coming out of this interest... ;o)