Friday, October 01, 2004

Stuck... Him... ITP...

Haiz... FYP still stuck... The SQL connection problem is solves by using OLEDB connection... But still there is data set problem... Haiz... Yan Ling is trying to solve this problem... Please God... HELP US!~! :o(

Looked at Him at a close distance today... It's such a nice feeling... And he's so good-looking... I like looking at him... He looks good at all angles and at all distances... Heehee... I juz can't resist looking at Him... ;o)

I asked Michael what will us be doing if we got our ITP (Industrial Training Programming) at Honeywell... He says, "if you join honeywell, you should be involving on Wireless LAN and also VB.Net on web services"... Wow... I'm speechless... But should I go?? I take 1hr 45mins just to travel from my house to Honeywell... So it will be a 3 1/2 hr trip to and fro... Must consider carefully... Do you all think I should go?? Please leave some comments leh... ;o)


  • Uhmm...seems long trip sia..For me, I think if you hope to make honeywell your permanent job after your poly, then you should go. But if not, the school will give you a company no matter what. Plus, I noe the school always wants ppl from MA option to do ITP that will be related to Mobile thingy lar. Me myself already very irritated with the 1hr trip for work now, although it is about the same as schooling last time. But, WORK is different from school. It is fixed working hours until 5-6pm! Everyday, you would wait time to pass by and hope to go home at 6pm sharp to rest! Of course, my opinion lor...you think about it and decide urself which is best for you.

    By Blogger Jas, At Sat Oct 02, 10:12:00 PM GMT+8  

  • Thanks Jas... Will take into account wat u think... Considering now... ;o)

    By Blogger lotsa_cloudz, At Sun Oct 03, 01:30:00 AM GMT+8  

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