Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Links... Kitten... 183...

I've moved my blog's navigation links higher up the page so visitors can see them easily... I've added to Links To Friends category a link to Wei Chet's blog... He's my current supervisor... I also added a new category of links called Links To Idols which contain links to Daniel Chan's Blog, 183 Club's Johnny Yen's Blog, Fansite of Jonathan Rhys Meyers Fansite and Vincent Jiao's Blog... Please do show support by visiting all the newly added links... Thanks!!

Watched on Youtube a short video of a kitten sleeping... It's so cute... (link)

Today I'm going to post MV of 183 Club's song 好爱她,好想他... They sung this song with 7 Flowers... There are 2 version of the MV, first is the original MV version while the other is the 王子变青蛙 番外篇 which shows an alternate ending to 王子变青蛙...

This is the original MV version... It features both 183 Club and 7 Flowers... (link)

This is the 王子变青蛙 番外篇, alternate ending version... (link)


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