Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Work... Movie... Sweetness...

Last Friday I was stuck in the office stoning... They told me I might need to be on stand-by to do something but in the end I waited till 11pm and there is still no work for me to do... Although I have OT pay but it was really boring... He was really sweet to have kept me company till 8.30pm plus... Then he sms me all the way to keep my occupied... Really touched... ;o)
I have found another job... 3 months contract as a .NET engineer at ST Electronics... I'll be leaving Accenture on Friday and starting on work on my new job next Monday... Will miss my frens and some colleagues over there... Especially Daniel and him... Sad... Won't get to see him so much liao... :o(

Went to see Corpse Bride with him on Sat... The movie is quite short but it was really touching... It shows you what love is about... Johnny Depp was really great as the voice of Victor Van Dort... I'll recommend the animation if you like romance... ;o)

I have been going out with him for quite some time... He's always very considerate and sweet and he really knows how to make me laugh... I really enjoy being with him... After he's been in my life, everyday has been filled with sweetness... (Am I getting too fluffy??) I really hope this sweetness will last... ;oP


  • Hey, i'm so happy to see you 幸福! (am i beginning to sound like the korean dramas?!) BTW, how do you insert your fav. musical tune/melody into your blog?? I really wish to put "Summer Scent"'s theme song in mine. It's sooo sweet & full of romance... Pls help!! x

    By Blogger Dream dancer Estella, At Tue Oct 04, 06:45:00 PM GMT+8  

  • Hi, thanks for that! But one more qtn: where do you insert the particular song code into the equation? And must i have the song saved on MP3 or my compuer before i can insert its code onto my blog? What happens if i've only got the tune on tape?! Paisei abt my big IT problems...(heh)

    By Blogger Dream dancer Estella, At Thu Oct 06, 06:31:00 PM GMT+8  

  • Hey good luck in your new job!! :)

    Good to get on with something else now!

    By Anonymous shu huey, At Sat Oct 15, 08:34:00 AM GMT+8  

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