Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back... Cell... Handphone... Date...

Yeah!~! He's back from Korea last Thursday night... I missed him... Haha... Glad that he's back... He bought 2 handkerchiefs (I guess they are) from Korea back for me... Both show the DMZ of North and South Korea... I like them very much... But I dunno what to do with them... ;oP

Went to his cell group with him on Friday... It was the birthday of one of the group members, Felicia, and there was a celebration held... It was a really heartwarming celebration... Haven't been to a celebration like this before... The feeling was really good... ;o)

My handphone died on Saturday... Dunno why suddenly I'm unable to charge it... Tested with my brother's handphone charger with no reaction too... So i guess it's a hardware failure... Brought it to Sony Ericsson service centre at Wisma Atria for servicing... After waiting for a long long time, I finally got my chance to complain... Haha... In the end, there is a need to change the hardware for the charging problem, and also upgrade software for the problem of people complaining that they are redirected to my voice mail even though my handphone is on... I can only get my handphone back on Wednesday... And worse still, all my data on my handphone will be erased... (T_T)

Went to church service on Sun morning then had lunch with him at Han's... The food portion there is really shrinking in size... But I still have to pay the same price... Sian... After lunch, we went to Esplande library as he need to pick up some books... There's some DVD sets that I like at the library but I can't borrow... Coz I dun have the premium membership... It costs around $20 per year... I dun feel like paying leh... Hahaha... On our way to MRT from the library, he treated me cookies from Famous Amos... Tasty... ;oP


  • Handkerchiefs? So SWEET! Me envious!

    Anyway, you must be happy. Things seem to go well. Good luck!

    Mandy Kaixin

    By Blogger Mandy Zhang, At Tue Sep 27, 01:54:00 PM GMT+8  

  • glad that you liked his gift from korea.. handkerchiefs are a nice to have always lar.. I carry one almost daily...

    sad to know ur phone died on you n u waited 3 weeks for repair..awwww

    Lip Hong

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Mon Oct 03, 11:04:00 PM GMT+8  

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