Sunday, October 01, 2006

Perfume... 183...

Bought my Hugo Boss in Motion Black Edition for my brother last Sunday as I promised him I'll buy him something if he get good grades for this semester's Poly exams... He scored a GPA of 3.487 out of 4 and asked for the perfume... It cost $102... I feel the pain of my money parting with me... But my brother is still more important... Haha... I also made it clear that he has to score higher for next semester... If not he wouldn't be getting anything from me... Haha...

Today I'm going to post 2 of 183 Club's MTV 迷魂计 and 真爱... These 2 songs are the beginning and ending songs in 王子变青蛙 (The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog)... This drama serial is the highest rated idol drama in Taiwan, beating Meteor Garden... If you remember, it was shown on Channel U before... A very nice fairy tale serial... Mindow and Sam was so charming in the serial... I was rooting for Sam's character, 子骞, all the while...

迷魂计 features all 5 of them... It's another hot video... Haha... Johnny and Mindow are placed at the back because their dancing are not as good as the rest's... (link)

真爱 features Johnny and scenes of 183 playing rugby and getting wet... (Noticed they are always getting wet?? Haha...) The song is very catchy... This MTV starts with 183 Club introducing the song... (link)


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