Sunday, October 22, 2006

NTU... 183...

Keny gave me this link to Youtube to watch some really funny comments some NTU students gave to their lecturer... They are brave to make such interesting comments, and the lecturer is certainly brave to show the comments in lecture... I was laughing so hard my tears flow out... It's a must see... (link)

Today I'm going to post MVs of the songs 闭上眼, 默念三遍 and Bomba Bomba by 183 Club...

闭上眼, 默念三遍 is sung by 183 Club and 7 Flowers... It's one of the songs inside the 王子变青蛙 OST... It show scenes of the drama... Sam and Mindow are so handsome in it... (link)

Bomba Bomba or 愛情炸彈 is a fast paced song recorded in 爱情魔发师 OST and it shows the 5 of them dancing to the song... Again there are scenes of them getting wet... This time having water splashed onto them... Haha... (link)


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