Tuesday, May 31, 2005

4... List...

Countdown!~! 4 more days to go!~! ;o)

I've updated my birthday wish list...
1) A multi-region DVD player - Anyone getting me this?? Heehee... ;o)
2) Last Quarter AKA 下弦の月 (Kagen No Tsuki) region 3 DVD or VCD - I dun mind waiting for it to be released... I would of coz prefer DVD... Who wouldn't?? ;oP
3) The Da Vinci Code - This thriller seems like a good read... I'm curious to find out why it has caught the attention of so many people... ;o)
4) Sony Ericsson Z800i - This is strictly a wish... Hahaha... ;oP
5) Phantom of the Opera DVD
6) Tian Long Ba Bu DVD
The strikethrough ones are the ones I got already... ;o)


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