Monday, May 16, 2005

Novel... Present... List... Plans...

I just finished reading a chinese online novel last week and I really liked it... It is a story that was published online quite a long time ago by an anonymous author... There's a lot of passion in it and has a sad feeling to the whole story... It's a story that shows that when love is strong enough, obstacles does not matter... It is quite a romantic story too, provided that you are open-minded enough... Due to some reasons, I cannot provide links to the websites that have the story... But I can tell u the title of the novel... The title is 北京故事 or Beijing Story... You can go www.google.com to search for the novel... But before you read the story, I must warn you of the really "descriptive" nature, and it is a story about love between 2 men... Yes... 2 men... I'm not trying to promote anything... I'm just saying it's a really nice story... For people cannot accept it, just don't read it... Haha... But I'll still recommend the story... ;o)

Here I want to say a big THANKS to Peiyi and Jiayun... They shared cost with me to buy the 天龙八部 (Tian Long Ba Bu) DVD as my birthday present... I am so touched!~! Really thank you both!~! So Peiyi... Send me a list of the books you want and I will buy some from the list as ur birthday present... And Jiayun... Tell me what you want for your birthday present... As long as it is not super expensive, I'll buy for you too... ;o)

So now my updated wanted list is as stated:
1) Phantom of the Opera DVD (region 3, latest one...)
2) Multi-region DVD player (Hahaha...)
3) Sony Ericsson Z800i (Just joking...)
4) Tian Long Ba Bu VCD or DVD (Got it...)
More will be coming up on the list coz I still can't think of anything else now... (Please tell me if you all are giving me presents from the list... I don't want to get repeated presents... Hahaha... I sound so conceited... As if there are so many pple giving me presents... Hope so lah... Heehee...) ;o)

My plans for my birthday celebration are as follow... For the secondary school gang AKA best friends gang AKA long-time friends gang, either eat lunch then go KTV, or go KTV then eat dinner... All of you all must be present hor... For the Poly gang, that is Jas, Wenjing, Lijun, etc, we will go play pool or bowling then eat dinner... Both celebrations will be on Saturdays... So please keep your June Saturdays free for the time being... I will confirm the exact Saturdays with you all before the end of next week... Remind me if I don't... Is there anything you gals (guys, if any) would like to point out or suggest or object to?? Please leave a comment or sms or call me... Thanks... ;o)


  • Sorry for not being able to make it yesterday, was having slight fever. I'm not sure what to get you, but will think about it definitely.

    Which Sat will it be? Have to tell me soon, so that I can leave that particular Sat out for your party celebrations!


    By Blogger Mandy Zhang, At Mon May 16, 07:02:00 PM GMT+8  

  • Hey! Sadly, not being in S'pore, I can't physically get you anything for your 21st b'day. However, I can wish you a "Most Marvellous Big Day" online!! Have fun gal; you deserve it! (esp while you can, you knoe-considering that you are getting older...) [hee] ;p

    By Blogger Dream dancer Estella, At Mon May 16, 07:58:00 PM GMT+8  

  • I haven't thought of it yet.. hee.. still got a few mths lehx.. I m nt as ks as py ah.. :p When I haf thought abt it.. den I tell u.. ;)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Mon May 16, 11:11:00 PM GMT+8  

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