Monday, September 12, 2005

Friday... Saturday... Sunday... Replies...

Last Friday was the day Accenture 10 promotees are treating the whole of Accenture GMTI to Fish and Co., and also the last day of Keny at Accenture... Will miss Keny when he's gone... No one to share food with me liao... Haha... ;oP

During lunch, we ordered quite alot of food... More of like a buffet at Fish and Co. glass house... Haha... Daniel's more or less sweating coz he's one of the promotees... Heehee... The food took a very long time to arrive, and by the time they arrive, we are really starving... I ate quite a lot of food... Shared 2 portions of seafood platter for 2 with Keny and William and on top of that, shared 1 portion of oysters with Keny too... I'm a big eater... Heehee... Our lunch hour started at 12 noon and only ended at 3pm... Haha... What a long lunch... ;oP

Saturday was a busy day... Left my house at 11-plus am to collect my pay... Then shopped at Bugis Junction and OG Bugis with my mom till 7-plus pm for clothings... Then met him at nearly 8pm at City Hall... Had dinner with him walked around, play pool and chat... I lost to him on pool table even though he dislikes playing pool... Haiz... The pool table at Marina Square is really too low to aim properly leh... (Blaming the table for my lack of skill...) Haha... Reached home at around 12.40am... ;o)

Went to Church service with him in the morning and had lunch at the church... Then I went home for a nap but didn't get any sleep at all coz my bro blasted the computer's speaker... Met him in the evening again to learn something from him... Heehee... My learning process is really slow, but luckily he's quite patient... We had dinner together and I reached home before 10.30pm...

Thanks Kaixin and Jiayun for showing me support... And for Peiyi's info, he does read my blog and knows i'm talking about him... ;oP


  • wow.. u sure had a good lunch treat by ur colleagues! nice, hope u can steelt down on a perm/contract job soon :)

    Never know u go Church also haha..okok I'm slow but glad u two are spending quality time together as often as possible.. slowly develop his feelings for u ok? cya!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Tue Sep 13, 07:13:00 AM GMT+8  

  • The guy reads your blog! Oh my, this is a huge surprise to me!

    Anyway, glad you had fun! Tell me details next time we meet up!



    By Blogger Mandy Zhang, At Tue Sep 13, 02:52:00 PM GMT+8  

  • Hey, that's great! I'm lending u my support too! Don't worry too much abt learning slow, psychologists say that we all get a bit thick when faced with attractive opposite sex anyway. BTW, that happens to me a lot as well! ;p

    By Blogger Dream dancer Estella, At Fri Sep 16, 11:28:00 PM GMT+8  

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