Saturday, October 16, 2004

Shopping... Handphone...

Went to shop at Orchard for clothings for my group's FYP presentation on Monday... Walked around there for a long time... Finally I bought a white long-sleeves shirt at $29, a black knee length skirt at $46... And a pair of black shoes at $26.90... Wow... I spent S$101.90 in total... Actually I dun really like black shoes... Coz my feet looks really dull whenever I wear black shoes... But I got no choice because the skirt I wear is black and they fit better together... I acutually like white shoes better coz my feet sorts of lights up whenever i wear them... Maybe I should buy a pair of white shoes fit for office work next time when I have the money.. Now I'm totally broke... :o(

I found out that my handphone contract expires on this coming Christmas... Yeah... I can go buy another phone soon... I can forget about trading-in my 6510 because by that time, it might not even have a trade-in value anymore... Haha... Hmmm... I still dun really know which phone should I go for... I only noe that I would go for clamshell phones 'cuz I haven't got one before... But which brand or model?? I have no idea... I was actually aiming for Motorola V600 previously, but there are some reviews in CNET that point out that there are some major flaws in the phone... Now I having second thoughts... Then I went to find out about Motorola RAZR V3... Oh my... the phone cost $1300 without any line contract... That is really so expensive... The phone looks great but the cost really left me agape... Let see how much it will cost on Christmas day... The I also saw this new Panasonic X700... Looks great too... But it's not out in Singapore yet... I dun even noe if it is going to be out in Singapore at all... Hmmm... We'll see how it goes on Christmas day... So pple... Got any suggestions on which phones are nice?? I only want to buy clamshell phones and I hope to get a new phone before next year... So keep the comments coming in... ;o)


  • sonye s700 / sonye z500
    nokia 6260
    siemens S55
    samsung e600/dc430
    motorola v610 / v80 / e398

    haha..enuff? what's ur budget? :P


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Sun Oct 17, 05:00:00 PM GMT+8  

  • I dunno my budget yet... See how much money I have by Christmas lor... Nokia 6260 like not bad also... Hmmm... See how lor... Now on my list is Sony Ericsson Z1010, Panasonic X700 and Nokia 6260... See how much the 3 cost by that time then I decide lor... Which one u think is better out if the 3?? Please rank... Without considering the cost... Thanks... ;o)

    By Blogger lotsa_cloudz, At Tue Oct 19, 12:56:00 AM GMT+8  

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