Thursday, November 25, 2004

Countries... Grades... Him... Thoughts...

Woo... I discovered that there are people from other countries that are visiting my blog... There are people from Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Indonesia... So I'm saying a big "HI" to all of them here... Thanks for visiting my blog!~! Please leave comments... And please keep visiting my site...Thanks... ;o)

I got my grades back yesterday... I'm still satisfied with it... Got my first Distinction of my Poly life, after the major disappointment I received last semester... For information, Distinction in SP is defined my top 5% of the pple taking that module at the time... So a person can get A for the grade of a certain module but not fall inside Distinction level...

Here I am talking about Him again... He got his grades back too and his grades are really good as usual... But a bit disappointing coz I would never have thought he would have lost in this way... I'm not sure if he really dun mind about it, but I am feeling the pity for him... :o(

Something happened recently that I find really unfair... I know life can be unfair at times... But I never knew it could be that unfair... This is the most unfair thing that I had come across in my life so far... I mean not that I wanted that thing myself... I know it is not for me... But it is still unfair on the distribution part... Even so, everything is set and nothing can be changed now... I have been dealt a strong blow on the lesson of life that I am barely standing... Guess maybe I'm not totally ready for the darkness of the world around me... But this blow sure made me a stronger person... Even so, I still hope I will not come across something like this again...


  • What happened? Maybe you can tell me when we meet up? My exams end on next Monday, 29 Nov. I"ll call you to arrange for a meet-up.

    Congrats on getting a DISTINCTION!!! You must be very happy!

    By Blogger Mandy Zhang, At Fri Nov 26, 04:15:00 PM GMT+8  

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