Monday, January 10, 2005

Life... Him... Hair... Movies... Birthday...

Haiz... I seriously have no life for now... My life is juz work and sleep... Ok... Maybe I have a little time to go dye my hair... And attend birthday celebrations... But I seriously have no life for my computer and internet surfing and TV... Haiz... :o(

I miss Him so so much... It's been nearly a month since I last saw Him... I miss Him so much till I'm starting to dream of him already... Heehee... He is so busy nowadays... Haiz... When can I see Him again?? I really hope I can get to see Him at Spinnovex... Heehee... ;o)

For those people who do not like to read about me ranting on and on about Him... Juz skip these parts... Don't comment on how I silly I am... Coz you are not me... So basically you don't know how I feel... Especially those people who have not fell in love before... Please don't act like "I will not act like this, love will not make a fool out of me"... You might have to eat your words when love comes knocking on your door... And for some of people who are now thinking, "love myself is the most important thing, she is juz plain silly"... I want to ask them a question, "why is everything about you?? Is that all you think about??" Besides, what I am doing now does not harm anyone and anything... (And this is MY blog... I ENJOY what I am doing...) So why complain??

I went to dye my hair yesterday... That is why I can only update my blog today... I dyed my hair copper... Not too bright though... Only brighter then the colour I dyed last year... But I didn't get highlights... For those people who have seen me before, you'll know what I mean... I got a treatment too... But my hair is still so dry... Haiz... Think I'll have to go for another treatment session in March... If I have time, I'll upload pictures of my hair onto the blog soon... Heehee... ;o)

Last year I saw some movie teasers while I went for movies, and I have some movies that I am interested to watch in the near future... Here's a list (Should be according to the release time, correct me if I am wrong)...
1) The Aviator (Release date: 13-Jan; Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale)
2) Finding Neverland (Release date: 13-Jan; Starring: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie)
3) Constantine (Release date: 11-Feb; Starring: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Max Baker)
4) Hide and Seek (Release date: 17-Feb, Starring: Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Famke Janssen)
So if anyone of my friends out there wants to watch any of these 4 movies, please contact me... Heehee... And the words in the following brackets are for Him... (You got read my blog one hor... So pick one and go watch with me can?? Heehee... Go watch Constantine or Aviator want?? Go lah... Heehee...) ;o)

I came across a discussion board talking about the scariest movies people think... And I think I could make a list of what I think are the scariest movies here, juz for fun, since I like going to movies... Haha... Here's the list...
1) The Shining
(Super scary man... Was only 4 or 5 when first watch this show... Watched it on TV with my mom... Although I don't have a clue on what the characters were talking at that time, the movie sure scared the hell out of me... Got lots of nightmares because of it... The 2 little girls sure are creepy... And the blood that gushed out of the lift...)
2) 13 Ghost
(the first NC-16 show I watched... Was not affected by the gore at all but really gave me a scare...)
3) The Ring series (Jap version)
(Was scary at at begining of the series but started to get lame... Why are there so many sequels and prequels?? But Sadako is scary... I won't want her to crawl out of my TV...)
4) Ju-on series (Korean version of The Grudge)
(Scary sia... But the storyline was not very good... Especially Ju-on Final... Was made just to scare people and totally make no sense at all... Ju-on and Ju-on Prequel are better...)
5) 28 Days Later...
(Got lost looking for the cinema when we went to watch it... Haha... A zombie movie with depth... A bit scary... Nice acting... Someone beside me jumped while watching it at the cinema... You know who you are... Heehee...)
5) Jeepers Creepers series
(It was a bit scary... The first one was better... There was actually a theme or something like that... The camera focuses quite a lot on the male lead's eyes and it was only at the end of the show that we came to know why...)
6) Saw
(A bit far-fetched but I don't think anyone wants to be placed in the situations in the movie... Plays with audience's fears...)
7) Pet Sematary
(I forgot when I watched it but I know it was before I could understand English and read Chinese subtitles... Think in the lower primary years... My mom translated what the characters are talking to me... Scary especially for a kid...)
8) Hellraiser series
(I just like scaring myself and I enjoy gore... Need anymore justifications??)
I think that is about all... If I do come across any other scary movies, I'll update onto my blog... Heehee...

Last but not least, it was Kaixin's Birthday yesterday and I forgot to SMS her... Haiz... I am so forgetful... So I am going to do a shout out here... HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KAIXIN!!! ;o)


  • Hi there, thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll see you this Sat! Don't be late. And updates @ my blog soon, possibly tomorrow. Do check it out.


    By Blogger Mandy Zhang, At Mon Jan 10, 11:13:00 PM GMT+8  

  • Hey!.. been so busy at work n too tired after reaching home to post any comments recently..haiz but Today i'm on off :P

    I'm going sch to find out the schedule of the innovex thingi later..then we will know if u can catch 'Him' there or not ;)

    I hope to have time to catch The Aviator and Finding Neverland, i liked Johnny Depp's acting :)

    hope you have a smooth week ahead n update you more later!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Mon Jan 17, 08:39:00 AM GMT+8  

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