Monday, January 17, 2005

Visitors... KTV... Service... Him...

Wow... I found out that there are people living as far as Iceland visiting my blog... Cool man... Haha... So I'm going to say a big 'HI' to these people from other countries that are visiting my blog... Please feel free to leave comments... Heehee... ;o)

I went to KTV on Saturday with Kaixin, Peiyi, June, Yuying and Jiayun to celebrate Kaixin's birthday and also have a full gathering... We really haven't done that in a long time... The singing session was quite fun, although I was not in my top condition that day... Actually I sang a little out of tune at times... Haha... Before singing, we had lunch together and after singing, we had dinner together... After dinner, June and I did a little shopping and we both bought a pair of jeans... It was so cheap... $10 only... ;oP

The KTV lounge we went to was Kbox Jurong Entertainment Centre branch... The service there is only passable... I think the service at Kbox Choa Chu Kang branch is much better... So if anyone wants to go Kbox for KTV, you know which branch to choose... Haha... ;oP

This is the 6th week I have not seen Him... I miss Him so much... I really hope I can see Him soon... Hopefully I can get to see Him at SPINNOVEX... (Which day(s) will you be going to SPINNOVEX?? I want to go on those days there you are there... Heehee...) I also haven't asked Him which movie he would like to go watch with me... Personally, I prefer Finding Neverland and Constatine more... Haha... Especially Constantine... Coz there's Keanu Reaves... So handsome... Heehee... But not as cute as Him... But ratings-wise, I don't know how Constatine will turn out to be... Coz It's not released yet in other countries, let alone Singapore... For Finding Neverland, it sure has a high rating on IMDb... An 8.3 up till now... Maybe because Johnny Depp was in it... He's a great actor... And quite good-looking too... Haha... ;oP


  • People in Iceland visiting your blog? How do you know that? I'm envious! Hey people, check out my blog, please, please, hanamandy.blogspot.com
    Anyway, had a really fun time on Sat for KBOX. But the service there really sucks. Anyway, maybe we can go catch the movies together. See how first.

    By Blogger Mandy Zhang, At Mon Jan 17, 11:42:00 AM GMT+8  

  • Hi yy, i think "Him" will be on duty for the whole 3 days w/o problems.. unless otherwise becos din hear him say he cannot make it on any of the days. In contrast, i can onli be there for 1/2 day each on thurs n fri... hope that its gd news for u :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Tue Jan 18, 09:42:00 PM GMT+8  

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